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Friday, September 25, 2015

My Stay at the Residence Inn by Marriott in Ft. Lauderdale Plantation, Florida

Last weekend I went down towards Miami for my uncle's art gallery feature in Hollywood, Florida. My mom, Nana, and I drove down from Orlando to spend the weekend with family and celebrate my return to America, my aunt's return from the Bahamas, and my Nana's birthday as well as the art gallery opening.

My mom gets discounts with her work at Marriott hotels and picked the newly remodeled Residence Inn off of University Drive in Plantation as where the three of us would stay. It was located close to where my uncle lives, and is off of the main road that goes through Ft. Lauderdale. Yet it's nestled away in a grove of trees so you can't really hear any of the road noise.

My mom and Nana went to pick up my aunt and cousins from the airport, so I was left alone in the hotel for some time. I decided to take some pictures of it before we got it all messy and share the experience of the hotel with you guys! I was really impressed with my stay here and thought the room was completely gorgeous.

We were the first ones to stay in this room since it's remodel, and there was still a bit of construction going on. But the noise was minimal and only started up after everyone was awake, so it really wasn't a big deal at all. We did have an issue with two of the three TVs in the room not being properly connected, but once we called someone was up to the room within five minutes and the issue was fixed really quickly.

We booked a two bedroom suite for the three of us. The bedrooms were beautiful and the bed super comfy. The pillow were a bit flat but that is standard for most hotels. You're given so many pillows that it isn't really even a problem. Each bedroom comes with a large flatscreen TV and it's own connected bathroom.

One thing I really liked about the room was the almost obsessive amount of plus in the room. You can see a wonderfully located "ChargePort" next to the bed in this shot being illuminated by a handy reading light, though the LED in the light is so bright it nearly lights up the entire room (albeit dimly). These ChargePorts are all over the hotel and located in spots that make using your phone while it's charging super convenient! So if you're traveling for work and need to plug in a laptop and a phone and another phone and there's other people with you, you won't have to fight over outlets at all!

The bathroom was also big and beautiful. Plenty of space if you're staying for a while or have a lot of people sharing the room. The fixtures are also completely modern and sleek. American Standard was the brand they chose to go with. Their complimentary shampoo and conditioner is by Paul Mitchell, a brand that just reminds me of the 90s and childhood and I enjoyed seeing and using.

The bath itself was clean and nice. The showered was in good working order and the water got hot and stayed hot for a long time. The towels were fantastic. Really soft and lush and big. They have signs saying that you can hang up your towel and they will leave it so you can use it again, a nice attempt at making us all a bit greener, but I was a bit disappointed when the maid took my towel that I hung up on that rack above the toilet after I used it the first time.

The closet was big and came with nice hangers, some shelves, and the doors were full sized mirrors. There were actually loads of mirrors in that bathroom which lead me to looking at myself in angles I've never seen before, and never wish to see again. There's also an ironing board with iron in the living room closet and a hairdryer in the bathroom closet. They also have their spare bedding in that bag you see at the top, a great feature that makes moving it to the living room really easy.

The kitchen was nicely stocked as well. The faucet matched the bathroom which was a nice little touch and everything was put away and easy to find. I liked how the dishes were in semi-transparent cabinets because it made looking for stuff in an unfamiliar place a little easier. The next set of pictures shows everything included in the kitchen, so you can have a look at all the stuff!

I really enjoyed staying here, and I think the thing that really won my family over was when my Nana called down to the front desk to ask if her grandchildren could come to their free breakfast buffet to eat with her. Without even asking how many that would be, the staff member said "our pleasure" and allowed it. We ended up not having them come over in the end, but the fact that they were so willing was great! 

The breakfast was really good as well, with a make-your-own waffle station, choices of breads, and a daily hot breakfast selection. We had these spicy potatoes, french toast, scrambled eggs, and sausage one morning and sausage gravy with biscuits, sausage, and eggs the second morning. It was delicious, especially the sausage gravy which is my favorite breakfast.

If you'd like to stay at this hotel the next time you're in Ft. Lauderdale, I highly recommend it. You can make reservations on their website, just click here. Rooms appear to start at $90 a night and the room we stayed it goes for about $170.

By the way, I wasn't compensated in any way for writing this, I just really enjoyed my stay here!

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