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Monday, September 21, 2015

Seventh All-Media Biennial Art Exhibit in Hollywood, Florida

This year my uncle was chosen to take part in the Seventh All-Media Juried Biennial down in Hollywood, Florida. So my mother, Nana and I loaded up into the car and drove down for the weekend. My aunt was also moving back from the Bahamas so all my cousins on that side of the family were in one place for the first time in, I want to say, years, thanks to my being in Japan.

Timing was also on my side and it turned out to be my Nana's birthday weekend. I also ate so much Mexican and Cuban food I was in bed with a stomachache before midnight. Welcome to American cuisine after eating the delicate Japanese diet.

Anyway, the Biennial was held at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, which is nestled in a great section of town surrounded by bars and tiny restaurants. On the way home my aunt stuck her head out and attempted to sing along with a mariachi singer...

Here are some photos I took of the show. If you'd like to check them out yourself in person, it'll be going on until November 1st!

That's my uncle's piece. ;)

This one was my favorite.

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