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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tastiest Travels #2

It's Wednesday and that means I get to share some more tasty travels. If this is your first time seeing a this post (it's only the second so I wouldn't be surprised) you can view the first one here! In short, every Wednesday I will feature two different bloggers and their three favorite foods that they've eaten while traveling the world. Who doesn't love food, especially good food?

This week I have foods from Asia, Europe, and the US of A! Even the first upscale dishes for those of you who live to pamper yourself!

Shandos Cleaver

Where you can find it: Vienna, Austria @ Hotel Sacher Wien

How can a chocoholic go to Vienna and not partake of the original Sacher-Torte cake, a cake so famous it has its own day?  Originally invented at the Hotel Sacher back in the 1800s, the Sacher Torte has since been the subject of legal battles over the “copyright”.  At the Hotel Sacher, just behind the Vienna Opera House, having a slice for afternoon is a fancy affair.  Firstly, you may need to queue, before checking in your coat (at a cost), then ordering in the splendidly opulent café rooms.  The price is similarly opulent.  Now that I’ve had the “original”, I’ve meant to since with the many equally wonderful copies at cafés all around the world.

Ricepaper Rolls
Where you can find it: Hoi An, Vietnam @ Red Bridge Cooking School

On my first ever trip to Vietnam, my boyfriend and I were travelling on a budget from the North to the South.  About halfway through the trip we stopped in Hoi An, the site of the Red Bridge Cooking School, recommended by a friend who had recently visited Vietnam.  While it didn’t cost that much (about $12 USD at the time), it was a splurge on our trip, and it was a treat to spend the afternoon in the more luxurious surrounds of the restaurant on the riverbanks.  While I had probably already eaten rice paper rolls on the trip, it was there that I learnt to make them, and have made them regularly at home since (although without making the rice paper rounds from scratch!).

Black Risotto
Where you can find it: Dubrovnik, Croatia @ LADY PI-PI

Whilst walking around the walls of Dubrovnik, my boyfriend and I spotted an lovely looking restaurant with outdoor terraces, that would be wonderful to lunch at in the late Spring sunshine.  It was a bit tricky finding the exact location when back in the alleyways down below, but we finally found Lady Pi-pi, with its rather frank fountain (after whom the restaurant is named) in front of it.  I jumped at the chance to try black risotto for the first time, a Croatian specialty, made similarly to regular risotto, but with the ink of cuttlefish or squid added, along with the meat, to turn the entire dish black.  I love a good risotto and it was delicious, especially alongside a glass of local Croatian white wine, although it is a must to visit the bathroom afterwards to clean your teeth that end up turning equally black!

Majesta Zea

Creole Cream Cheesecake
Where you can find it: New Orleans, Louisiana @ Commander's Palace

I know this seems like a such a safe and basic answer. But allow me to defend myself. For starters, I love cheesecake. It’s my favorite type of cake if I can be honest! However, it’s difficult to find one that isn’t bland and also isn’t so sweet that you become a diabetic on the spot. So the one from Commander’s Palace in the Garden District of New Orleans is the best one I have ever had. They said it was made in a traditional Creole way with slightly different creams and you can taste the difference. It was so rich and flavorful without being too heavy. Every bite was magical and I haven’t been back to New Orleans in almost two years, but I still drool just thinking about that cheesecake!

Filipino BBQ
Where you can find it: Manila, Philippines
Street Food

Filipino BBQ triggers a soft spot in my heart for growing up in the Philippines. It’s so authentic Filipino and there must be something in my blood that calls out to it! Even if I can just smell it, I get excited and want some immediately. The mixture of the meats, bbq sauce and smoke is a delicious scent that’s hard to pass up. The selection of meats is definitely different from the typical American bbq, but fear not! Everything is excellent and taste a hundred times better than it looks. You can be as safe (regular pork and pork fat) or brave (pork blood and intestines) as you want. I personally love the pork and liver the most. It also helps that you can buy about five sticks for the cost of about $1.50.

Chocolate Terrarium
Where you can find it: Las Vegas, Nevada @ Rose.Rabbit.Lie.

I love dessert. This is the ultimate chocolate lovers dessert. There is dark chocolate cake and brownie mixed with a milk chocolate fudge sauce that gives the appearance of dirt and is served with edible flowers as a garnish and decoration. How cool is that? Yes, this dish is exceptional in taste, but the real reason I love it is because of the presentation. It’s so unique and fun and is something that I haven’t seen anywhere else as of yet. It’s large enough to feed four to six people, but the chocolate isn’t overwhelming and I believe in my heart of hearts, the next time I order this item, I am going to finish it solo.

This entry was full of some of the most amazing looking desserts I have ever seen and now my sweet-tooth is nagging me a bit. Thanks again to Shandos and Majesty for submitting things to my series! Be sure to check out their blogs and follow them on social media!

Next week I will have two new bloggers to feature, so be sure to check back! If you'd like to be featured yourself, please send an email over to with the subject "Tastiest Travels" and I'll send you all the info you need to submit!

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