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Monday, September 7, 2015

Picture Post: Last Days in Sapporo, Japan

My last couple weeks I tried to carry my camera around with me as much as I could and take pictures of the last days I had in the city. Here are the things I did before I left. And ate. Mainly what I ate.

I ate buta-don (pork over rice) at this tiny little shop across from the Central Ward office. This one is actually my friend's, mine was covered in cheese. I recommend no cheese.

I walked around at nice a bit to enjoy all the lights. My neighborhood, I miss you Susukino! Though I don't miss dodging all the vomit piles at 6am.

Had a final trip to the beer garden by Sapporo station on a random Wednesday with a friend.

On the way to get food we ended up walking past this big display in Odori park, probably for Obon.

And we ended up at Rad Brothers, a bar near my place that has one of the more entertaining bathrooms. Surprise long nights out are always the best ones.

That following Friday I went to Mugi Shu Tei with some friends. Mugi Shu means "beer" in Japanese, kinda like how "Nihon Shu" means sake to us.

The walls are completely covered in all of these old beer cans.

I started off my last week in Japan with my favorite Sapporo food, soup curry. This one has coconut milk curry. And pork. And all the veggies. You can find it at Soup Curry Samurai.

For my last dinner with my close friends I ended up getting yakiniku.

Then I made a final trip to Nakajima Park on my last day in Japan.

Where I met a friend for a final Sapporo Classic.

And that night I had more soup curry at a tiny restaurant with my best friend who was letting me crash on her couch.

And at the airport the next day I had my final meal in Japan, kitsune udon with some tempura veggies.

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